Coast to Coast USA

My 2002 Coast to Coast ride in America was the inspiration for a "Josie Dew"-style cycling experience book. It was named Where are you heading, the question I was asked all the time while being on the road. The book was published in 2004 by Publisher Kirjaboek. Note that despite its English title, the book is available in Dutch language only. Read more about the route I took and browse pictures of the journey via the Ten Year anniversary blog article.

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Below you'll find some reviews, either by book critics or by readers via the internet guest book of the time. All have been translated from Dutch to English.

"Once you start reading about this cycling journey, you can't put this book down. Eric finds that America and cycling is not the best combination. He is treated badly by offensive truckers and campsite bosses send him away. Fortunately, Eric's performance also opens many doors. Often being invited by "normal" Americans, Eric has great encounters and describes these so vividly that by the end of the book, you feel like you have cycled across America yourself."

(ANWB Op Pad Magazine, January/February 2005)  

"With "Where are you heading" biker Eric has written a great account of his bike-crusade way out west. One of the best bike-travel-books ever written in the Dutch language. In my opinion a serious nominee for the Barbara Savage Miles From Nowhere Memorial Award. Like a brave Dutch patriot, biker Eric is exploring God's own country, battling the elements and challenging American identity. I look forward to read more books of Eric, a talented writer."

(Casper, Groningen, The Netherlands) 

"I have a fine collection of cycling travelling books. "Met fiets en tent naar de Orient" ("With Bike and tent to the Orient") by Damhuis will always be no 1., but yours is now on no 2! You not just describe the surroundings, the landscape, but also the cycling itself, what it all does to you. The part how you barely survive the ride over that horrendous metal bridge in New York; well done! I have cycled in England in challenging conditions myself and you find yourself thinking "how did I ended up being here?" and "how do I get out of here, alive?". Compliments!"


"Keep writing and keep cycling! This is a great and funny book. It is easy to identify with what you write. Being a touring cyclist and having America visited myself a lot (but not by bike), I finished the book in one go. Eagerly waiting for your next book! Keep pedalling and keep writing!"

(Wim den Herder)

"I just read your book for the second time. It was still just as interesting as during the first read. Definitely to be recommended to those who are thinking about making such a trip themselves. Touching how you finally arrived at the Pacific Ocean and didn't know what to do next. Goal achieved and for a moment lost. I know you found your way again. Keep going!"

(Antoinette Kersten) 

"Finally read your book. I started reading it on the train and it didn't take long to disappear into your travelling word. If the conductor hadn't called the train station where I had to get off, I probably would have still been in that train now. Congratulations with your funny and interesting book!" 

(Wim Eeltink)

"Just finished your book; hilarious! Two years ago, I travelled with a recumbent bike myself. From Grand Canyon, I also cycled Interstate 15 through the same desert! Great to read there are other souls with same fascinations and hobbies! Well done for doing all this on your own. I brought my best friend. Good to read how you experienced it all."

(Jan Willem Overmars)

"Really enjoyed this book. All is written so vividly that the reader really starts travelling too. Absolute highlight among books about travelling in America. Perfect planning and preparation literature!"


"Just to let you know I finished the book within a couple of days. I found it beautiful. As as fellow "coast-to-coaster" I recognised many situations. My compliments!"

(Fred Kelfkens)

"So happy I made the efforts to get hold of your book. I finished it in one go; fantastic read!"

(Liesbeth Schuilenburg)

"Thank you for the quick dispatch of the book. I read it all in one go, thanks to your good writing style and interesting observations. Hoping to do such a trip one day myself; America, North Sea Cycle Route or to Land's End in England. One day, or perhaps first finding a partner with a similar dream?"

(Rob Friederichs)

"My name is Quirijn and I am 11 years old. I also read your book. I find it beautiful to read. We are going to America next year. I am probably the youngest reader of your book. I found it nice to read how people in America welcomed you in their homes. My mother and my brother also read your book.They found it great too."


"Fantastic book. Easy reading, written with flair and very informative.Really enjoyed it. I'll be cycling Lewis and Clark route by the Adventure Cycling Association next summer. What is your next book going to be about?"


"Via friends I received the book you wrote. I also did America Coast to Coast in 2002, but with the maps of the Adventure Cycling Association; slightly less adventurous than your home-made route. I read the book in one go from start to finish. Fantastic. It took me back to my own Coast to Coast journey. Keep up the good work!"


"Read the book with a road book of the States open on the side. You just keep reading, it is easy to identify with the situations you run into. Good job in describing all the people you meet on the way, mixed with your own thoughts and the cycling scenery. America is truly a big country with big contrasts."


Order Where are you heading (remember: Dutch language only!) via Publisher Kirjaboek. Read more about the route and browse pictures of the journey via the Ten Year anniversary blog article.